On this page you can find a list of my projects. Some of them are finished, some of them are not. Some of them are in Czech, some of them are in English. Some of them are available on GitHub, for some there is a public deployment. Feel free to use the links next to the headings or click Read More to find out more about the project.

  • Bridge Presentations is a web application for displaying bridge deals, including cardplay and auction. Read more...
    Keywords: Vue.js Typescript SPA Vue Router Sass Bridge
  • A web application for scraping real estate listings from and displaying them in a user-friendly way. Allows for complex filtering and queries. Read more...
    Keywords: Vue.js MongoDB Node.js Express Scrapy Python browser extensions Node.js
  • A web application for managing a library, written for school library at my highschool. Multi-user application with different roles and permissions. Read more...
    Keywords: Laravel PHP Vue.js Tailwind CSS MPA Multi-user Responsive
  • Bridge results and player database

    A web application for storing bridge results and player database. The application is to be used by the Havířov Bridge Academy. Semester project at MFF CU. In progress.
    Keywords: Vue.js Laravel SPA Vue Router Typescript PHP Docker Composer Responsive Bridge
  • HABRA Teaching Materials

    HABRA Teaching Materials

    Modernization of the HABRA teaching materials, originally written as Word documents. Mixed XML documents allows for conversion into both interactive HTML and PDF for prints and downloads. For the purpose of creating the materials, I have written a GUI with tools to quickly convert bridge deals into XML in Python and Tkinter.
    Keywords: XSLT XML Python html/css/js Tkinter SQLite Bridge
  • Personal website

    Personal website

    This very website. Built with Hugo, the theme used is Devise. Supports dark mode and is fully responsive.
    Keywords: Hugo Sass Design Creative
  • Cirkulárka - school magazine

    Cirkulárka is a magazine / booklet published at my highschool. In my highschool years, I put a lot of effort into creating it; usually, I was the one to keep pushing and set deadlines so that the team keeps going, and I am proud of the result. Before graduating and eventually leaving the school, I set up a website for the magazine, which is still used today. Some of the articles are available online.
    Keywords: Creative Typography CMS
  • A C++ application for parsing, manipulating and validating PBN files. A university project, there is still a lot of work to be done. Read more...
    Keywords: C++ Boost.ProgramOptions Boost.Test CMake Bridge
  • Bonken

    A graphical application for playing the card game Bonken. Simple interface. A university project for the Java Programming course.
    Keywords: Java Java FX Maven Event driven
  • Bridge Manager

    A desktop application for scoring bridge pair tournaments. As of now an abandoned project with basic functionality that has not been tested yet.
    Keywords: C# WPF mvvm BridgeMate integration